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About Amber.

Amber lives in a small town in Maine, surrounded by cow fields and mountains. She writes when her new kid is busy eating cheerios or playing his harmonica, or when his dad takes him down to the river, or in the very first minutes of morning when the entire house is still quiet with sleep.

As Assistant Editor for the Daily Bulldog, she mostly works with small town news. A loon being saved on Wilson Lake, for example. Or an iconic pine tree being take down after 168 years. Sometimes she gets to be creative with her work. Like starting a column that tells the stories of famous locals. Or writing about topics that she feels really passionate about.

She loves using her writing to help strengthen the community she lives in, by making people smile, or stand up for an issue they believe in, or reach out to someone for help. She believes the written word can move people.

When she ISN'T writing, she is gardening (despite the lack of a green thumb) or spending time with her new tiny family, or puttering around the house, which is one of her favorite things to do. She loves starting craft projects, though they rarely get finished, and she loves baking when the timing is absolutely perfect (not too hot, not too cold, not too anxious, not too relaxed).

Above all else, she strives to breathe as much fresh air as possible, teach her son to be a kind person and not eat too much candy.